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Larong Pinoy Sports Clinics Captures Youth and Parents

Communities in Metro-Manila re-experience the fun of the Traditional Filipino Street Games during the Barangay outreach tour of the Larong Pinoy Sports Clinic conducted by Magna Kultura Foundation, the national advocate of the Filipino Heritage Games in the country.   
Parents and grandparents brought their children to the sports clinic to let their children learn the games the same games they all used to play when they were young.  

While many of the new generations are familiar with the most popular of  games, the Larong Sports Clinic added new knowledge and techniques for children to play the game with an amateur playing skill.   
Magna Kultura taught children the official rules of playing the games, as well as the proper ways of making the ground markers in the playing field.

Larong Pinoy Sports Clinic are being held in urban cities teaching kids popular Filipino street games like Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Luksong Tinik and many games that our parents and elders use to play.

The fun training sessions teaches participants detailed mechanics of each and every game, the proper posture and movements, with systematic techniques on how to play each game and win the match. 

The 1st Part is a 20-minute session teaching participants the game mechanics, with systematic drills for proper execution, posture and movement.

The 2nd Part is a 3 ½ half hours session where participants are grouped into teams and conducted with actual game play; and, this time, orienting participants in the tournament formats and officiating rules.  

It's fascinating to see the kids to execute each drill exercise, and giggling their way through each and every task.

The first Larong Pinoy Sports Clinics were launched by Magna Kultura Foundation in Y-2008 in Barangay Communities in Metro-Manila. The venues were jam-packed with kids who enlisted.  

The event did not need much hyping and announcement because when word went out around among the neighborhood about the Larong Pinoy Clinics, parents who knew the games signed-up they children in the sports activity. 

Larong Pinoy is the traditional Filipino street games handed down from generations; it is the games of our heritage (Laro ng Lahi). It is cherished by elderly adults (grandparents), parents, and it is played by today's youth.

Patuloy nating buhayin ang laro ng ating lahi sa panahon ng modernisasyon.  Ito ay yaman n gating lahi.  Ipamahagi natin ito sa bagong kabataan. 



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Monday, May 27, 2013

Organize A Palarong Pinoy Company Sports Fest This Year

Organize a Larong Pinoy Mini-Olympics Sportsfest, and make your company event a truly unique and fun activity

Magna Kultura Foundation organizes Larong Pinoy Tournaments for companies like a Mini-Olympics. It's challenging and competitive, and best of all, it's fun and memorable.

It's a real Mini-Olympics with a tournament system. Inter-Department competitions on Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Jumping Rope, Sipang Bilangan, and various Filipino games. It's challenging! These are games where everyone will be able to play.

Magna Kultura organizes everything ---- from planning to implementation --- with Tournament Systems & Procedures, Referees, Marshal, Game Materials, Registration Forms, Tournament Manual with Rules for each and every game ---- so that the HRD and sports committee can sit back, relax, play with the rest of their fellow-employees. Magna Kultura  does the organizing and internal coordinating with the team of employees. 

Playing the Traditional Filipino Street Games is a unique alternative to the usual Western sports activities. Unlike western sports, Larong Pinoy is a game where everybody (young and old) will be able to easily participate in.  Even employees who don’t want play enjoy the event --- cheering, "jeering" and supporting the teams. 

Larong Pinoy is a true bonding experience among employees. Even before  the event day every individual find time (and have fun) discussing and practicing internally at the office.  It bridges the young and old employees, staff and clerks, as they consult everyone about the games.

Let Magna Kultura contribute to the corporate camaraderie of your employees through a Pinoy Games  activity.  We’ll  deliver a one-of-a-kind sportsfest event for your company.

Make your Sports Fest a great event experience! Call us, and together we’ll plan the event and discuss logistics details. 

FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE PROGRAM, CLICK & VIEW THE SPORTS FEST PLAN THE FOLLOWING SITES:  At http://kulturapilipinas.webs.com/corporate-mini-olympics

TO VIEW SOME OF THE COMPANY SPORTS FEST PHOTOS, preview them at  http://kulturapilipinas.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=14142715

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Traditional Filipino Games as Team-Building Sports Fest

There comes a time when colleagues need to team-away from regular work environment, to rejuvenate and bond in a fun atmosphere.  Because people work hard, we give them time to play hard, and re-bond with their colleagues in an atmosphere of fun and friendly competition. 

There are many activities with great team-building concepts. Other than management-staff workshops, one of the most often used platforms for team-building is SPORTS.  Everybody loves to play games. 

Corporate Olympics is one of the fun activities popularly organized by the Human Resource Departments for employees.   

Corporate sporting events aim to strengthen the bond between employees, while instilling the value of team spirit in a corporate community. In the same note, it hopes to develop the employees’ competitive character and determination to excel.  Teams that play together, work together.

A current, and successful, trend in team building is having teams work together in various Group Dynamics Team Building exercises outside of their normal job duties. 

These can range from working together as a team doing crafts and activities, at times with group activity challenges against other team. Team Building sessions such as this focus on communication, trust, allocating roles, and learning how to work together.

Another often organized activity is corporate excursions.  Employees love to go “outing” and do leisurely activities together with colleagues. Company excursions range from day-tours to beach outings, and usually combined with light team-building activities. It’s all about spending time together. 

Since the 1980’s there have been many new ideas and innovative games. Other than the usual basketball or track and field games, companies have been trying more daring activities, such as “Survival” games and other adventure sports.   

While these games may be challenging to younger employees, there are still many who may not be able to participate in the activities; most especially that the work-force are not up to much physical activities, not to mention the older staff.

Team Building creates a more effective and efficient work-force.  Whatever type of activity the company chooses, more importantly, the rule of thumb is to keep it Fun, Entertaining, Dynamic and Simple.

Magna Kultura Foundation has been implementing arts and cultural programs in schools and city festivals.  In Y2005, Human Resource Departments started calling on Magna Kultura to create customized team-building programs, ranging from visual arts activities, to stage theatre, to kite-making and other crafts workshops.  And for sports oriented companies, they have a selection of different type of fun games.

Since Y2008, many have opted to launch mini-Olympics event using the Traditional Filipino Street Games. The selection of Larong Pinoy as a Sports Fest Activity was intended Human Resource staff to involve employees ---both young and old--- into doing an alternative event instead of the usual western sports.

It is a fact that only a few employees get to play in the usual sports like basketball, volleyball, or other western sports; but with Larong Pinoy everybody can play --- from the executives to staff, down to the clerks and general service employees.  It’s a game everybody knows.  It’s a game everyone can enjoy --- even the non-sporty type. Even those who don’t play enjoy just watching others play. 

With Larong Pinoy as sports fest platform, the team bonding goals flows naturally among employees and staff, internally at the office until the day of the event. It becomes the “talk-of-the-town”, everyone remembering childhood memories, making the office alive with youthful camaraderie.

Corporate sports fests  are usually games for only a few employees, and others simply become bystanders who attend because of compliance for attendance. It should not be the case.  In building the company as a CommuniTeam, employees at all levels must be involved in something that everyone can participate in. 

Teambuilding activities are loads of fun, but they can also be tools for strengthening your group.  Sports jargon often crosses over into the business world. The practice is used frequently in the business arena and in the sports world alike and has been credited with creating successful units time and time again.   

Employees "come together as a team" and "go for the win" when tackling an important project. The business owner, the managers, and the Department Heads are likened to team coaches. 

Bear in mind that playing sports can be a good team-building exercise that shows employees and management how to come together in pursuit of a common goal.

Treat your employees to a fun team-building activity, and your company into a CommuniTeam.  


FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT MAGNA KULTURA’S TEAM-BUILDING PROGRAMS, CLICK & VIEW THE FOLLOWING SITE:   http://kulturapilipinas.webs.com/corporate-mini-olympics

Since 2003

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sanggolahan Sa Caloocan

Sali na sa pinakamalaking 
saranggolahan sa KaMaynilaan.

Isang Makulay na Kasiyahang Tampok sa Pagdiriwang ng Ika-50 Taong Anibersaryo ng Lungsod Ng Caloocan.

Makiisa sa makulay na kasiyahan na gaganapin sa Colinas Verde, Quirino Highway, North Caloocan sa  ika-26 ng Mayo 2012.
Magdala ng Saranggola, at paliparin sa kalangitan ng Caloocan.

Libo-libong piso ang papremyong handog sa mga pinakamaganda, sa pinakamatayog na saranggolang lilipad sa himpapawid ng Caloocan.  

Ang mananalo ay tatanggap ng Cash  Prize at Winner’s Certificate. Abot Php 50,000.00 ang pinagsasa-samang cash prize na maaring mapapanalunan sa ibat-ibang kategorya.

Sali na! May iba’t-ibang kategoryang maaring salihan sa paligsahan.

Ang FLAT KITE CATEGORY ay para sa mga empleyado at pamilya ng Caloocan City.

Ang BOX KITE CATEGORY atFIGURE CATEGORY ay para naman sa lahat!  Para mga mga residente ng Caloocan, ng mga taga-Metro-Manila, at iba't ibang lugar sa buong Luzon.  

Ang Saranggola isasali ay di dapat liliit sa sukat na 2 feet, at dapat ay may disenyo. Lahat ng saranggolang ilalahok ay dapat orihinal na likha at hindi binili sa an mang tindahang lokal o ibang bansa; ito ay susuriin ng mga kite marshals sa araw ng paligsahan.

Sa FLAT KITE CATEGORY maari ka gumawa ng saranggolang kwadrado, hugis diamante, gurion, at iba pang anyong patag (flat) ang porma.

Ang FLAT KITE CATEGORY ay open lamang sa mga empleyado ng Caloocan at mga anak nila. 

Sa BOX KITE CATEGORYmaaring gumawa ng mga saranggolang may mga eskaparate na korteng kahon, o di kaya’y mukhang lata, o tala, anumang anyo ng geometric design.

Ang BOX KITE CATEGORY ay open sa lahat --- sa mga residente ng Caloocan, ng ibang lungsod sa Metro-Manila, ng buong Luzon.  

Gayun din ang FIGURE KITE CATEGORY, open din sa mga residente ng Caloocan, ng Metro-Manila, ng ibang kababayan sa buong Luzon.

Sa FIGURE KITE CATEGORY iba’t-ibang hugis ng mga bagay, tao, hayop, sasakyan, ibon, o anumang anyo.

Simulan mo nang gawin ang iyong makulay na saranggola!  At magpalista on-site sa May 26 sa Colinas Verde!  

PAALALA:  Mayroon din KITE-MAKING CLINIC na gaganapin sa May 26.  Libre ito sa lahat ng bibisita.  Tara sali kayo!


The Event is organized by LGE Productions Inc., 
the official event management team 
for the 50th Anniversary of Caloocan City.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, tumawag kay Dickie Aguado sa Tel. No. (02) 514-5868

Friday, April 27, 2012

Magna Kultura’s Revives The Traditional Filipino Games

Larong Pinoy is the games of our heritage Laro ng Lahi ).  It is a cultural treasure ( yaman ng lahi ) cherished by generations of Filipinos. It favorite past-time that is close to the hearts of Filipinos, encompassing generations --- from our grandparents, to our parents, and among the youth & toddlers of today.  

Considering that almost 60% of the mass population in the Philippines don't have computers and still can't afford the high-tech game gadgets, the Filipino Traditional Street Games are still a favorite past-time among children in heavy urban areas and provinces.  

The Filipino games brings good memories of friendship and fun among those who have played it.  It brings a smile among our elders whenever they remember the days when they used to play it.  It brings out the child among our parents when they mention it, and vividly remembering their childhood playmates and the neighborhood where they use to play it.  It actually every adult's wish for the new generation of Filipino to experience the fun of the Traditional Street Games.   

Recognizing the vital role of “outdoor play” on the overall well-being and development of children, Magna Kultura Foundation, an arts & culture NGO launched activities at the grassroots to reintroduction of traditional Pinoy games.

Dubbed as “LARONG PINOY”, the program aims to bring back the fun and excitement of Traditional Filipino Games that our parents and grandparents used to play.  Before the advent of the popular virtual games, these Pinoy games were the favorite pastime of young kids for generations.

Since most of the kids nowadays are no longer familiar with these traditional games,  Magna Kultura Foundation endeavors to reintroduce these once popular games to as many kids as possible through sports clinics & tournaments.

The Play Camp sports clinics features play instruction sessions with systematic drills and exercises, and mini-tournaments that teaches the official rules of the games.  These Play Camps teaches children a host of favorite Pinoy street games like patintero, tumbang preso, piko, sipa, luksong tinik,, siyato, holen, trumpo, and other street games.  

Larong Pinoy is all about giving kids fun in the communities where they live, at the same time, promote healthy outdoor activities through play. Through this project, we aim to promote the healthy physical, mental and social development of today’s young people,” said Mr. Dickie Aguado, Executive Director of the Magna Kultura Foundation.

Larong Pinoy Pinoy is a Philippine cultural treasure.  Magna Kultura’s purpose in conducting Larong Pinoy is to revive the games back in the mainstream of society, and to instill fundamental social values among the new generation of youth. The activities of the Larong Pinoy are intended to promote patriotism, strengthen family ties, involve the community in worthwhile activities.


1. To INSTILL PATRIOTISM and love of things that are Filipino.  Larong Pinoy is a light and subtle way of instilling the Filipino Spirit among children without lecturing or “preaching” about Patriotism. Anyone who experience Larong Pinoy never forget the memories  of playing the games.  It will always be a part of their lives. 

2. To use the games as A Bridge for BONDING the YOUTH with PARENTS and ELDERS (lolo, lola, uncles, etc.)  Before the era of modern games and high-gadgets, Larong Pinoy was the game of our parents and ancestors. Providing children with the knowledge and experience of the games allows them to “connect” & relate with their relatives and other adults.

3. To ENLIVEN COMMUNITIES by bringing back the fun in neighborhood, with kids playing with their peers.  In today’s modern age, kids seldom interact with neighbourhood children, having no “kababata”, having only  “ka-Chat” who are virtual friends Facebook or YM.  Larong Pinoy allows physical activity and paves the way to interaction with other children in the neighborhood.

Magna Kultura revives the traditional Filipino street games.  Reaching out to children in communities, reviving fun in the neighborhood.  Larong Pinoy promotes active play by giving children in the community something to play on.  Larong Pinoy promotes healthy physical, social and mental development of young people. And best of all, it is all about giving kids fun in the communities where they live. 

Larong Pinoy promotes healthy outdoor activities through play. Larong Pinoy promotes a healthy lifestyle and active outdoor play among children in schools and barangays. It promotes physical (energy), social (camaraderie) and emotional (fun / shapes character) activities through outdoor activities.  The physical and health benefits of outdoor play  are obvious, yet the social and personal benefits are equally  as important.  

Play is the way kids grow, learn and live. As children continue to grow, so do the skills they learn on the playground.  From agility and strength-building to socialization and independence, some of our most important lifelong lessons are learned outside of the classroom.

So, let the children play.  And let them play the games of our heritage.  It's the game of Filipinos.


One day these kids will join society's league, 
and they will Play with the TEAM called Filipino race.


For more details about the program, contact

Direct Line: Tel No. 5145868
CP Nos.: 0917.899.0025 (Globe) or 0922.899.0026 (Sun)
Email Address: kulturapilipinas@gmail.com

Wikipedia Info on Traditional Games of the Philippines

WikiPilipinas on the Traditional Filipino Games

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Organize A Company Sports Fest For Your Employees

Organize a Fun Team Bonding Event for employees, anytime of the year!  And make it unique, fun and truly memorable by adding a “Pinoy Flavor”.  Make it a Palarong Pinoy Corporate Mini-Olympics!

Over 100 companies will tell you that Magna Kultura’s Larong Pinoy Sports Fest Events makes are one-of-kind activities that leave lasting impression on employees and bring out the best in a company.

A Larong Pinoy Mini-Olympics Sportsfest, and make your company event a truly unique and fun activity. Magna Kultura Foundation organizes Larong Pinoy Tournaments for companies like a Mini-Olympics. It's challenging and competitive, and best of all, it's fun and memorable.

It's a real Mini-Olympics with a tournament system.  Inter-Department competitions on Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Turumpo, Jumping Rope, Sipang Bilangan, and various Pinoy Relay Races. It's fun! It makes each and everyone feel young.

Magna Kultura (an arts & culture NGO) organizes all the event planning detail for companies a team-building sports event ---- from planning to implementation, with Tournament Systems & Procedures and a Tournament Manual with Rules for each and every game; with Referees and Marshal Manpower; as well as, preparing all the Game Materials, Registration Forms ---- so that the HR Dept. and Sports Committee can sit back, relax, and play with the rest of their fellow-employees.

The uniqueness of A Larong Pinoy company sports fest is that is is for young and old employees, for male and female, and it's even for those who don't want to play (but just watch!).  

Unlike Basketball or any of the usual western sports activities, Larong Pinoy is a game where everybody will be able to easily participate in.  Even employees who don’t want play enjoys the event --- cheering, "jeering" and supporting the teams. 

But what makes  Larong Pinoy  even great is that, everyone who plays the game with their fellow- employees gets the feeling like they are childhood playmates ("magkababata").  The activity becomes a real team-bonding experience.  And the experience goes beyond the event as employees cherishes the thoughts of the games with friendly camaraderie through-out the year.

To build a corporate family, let employees play like children.  Because employees work hard --- let them play hard!  A Sports Fest Team Bonding Activity can be held anytime of the year.  It doesn’t have to be summer. 

Make the Games of our Heritage (Larong Lahi) your company's team-building sports fest platform.  Make it Larong Pinoy!


FOR MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE PROGRAM, CLICK & VIEW THE SPORTSFEST PLAN THE FOLLOWING SITES:  at  http://filipinogames.multiply.com/profile/resume/resume.pdf



Tel. Nos. : 514-5868 /  Mobile: 0917-8990025 or 0922-8990026
Email: kulturapilipinas@gmail.com

Organizing Larong Pinoy Sports Fest for Private companies 
is an entrepreneurial approach for Magna Kultura 
to raise funds for the foundation, at the same time,
once more reviving the games of our heritage 
among adults who use to play it. 

We believe that the games must continually be revived 
among adult citizens, on top of introducing it 
among new generation of Filipino youths.

Buhayin Natin Ang Laro ng Lahi.  
Ito ang Laro Nating Ng Mga Pinoy!