Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rustan's Unique Larong Pinoy Company Sports Fest


Starting March 5, 2012, Rustan's Corporation will be having their annual team-building activity for their employees, and this time they will be having a Larong Pinoy Sports Fest. 

800 employees will divided into 200 players who will be playing every Monday --- for four (4) Mondays. [Can't have all 800 in one day, otherwise Rustan's will be closed :-) ]. 

It's great to see Philippine companies using the Games of our Heritage company sports fest platform. Larong Pinoy is one of Magna Kultura's advocacy. The games are conducted as team-building sports fest with a mini-Olympics format officiated by Pinoy Game referees.

Conducting company sports fests is Magna Kultura's way of advocating the revival of the games among adults. And adults love it because these use to be their games. The added dimension is, now they are playing it with their fellow-employees. It bonds fellow-employees, making them feel like they are all "Kababata's" growing together at work. 

To see the mini-Olympics fun of Larong Pinoy, check out the photos at


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