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Organize A Team-Building Company Sports Fest

Larong Pinoy: The Latest Company Sports Craze. 
Philippine companies have discovered a uniquely Filipino Sports Fest with a fund bonding theme: A LARONG PINOY MINI-OLYMPIC.  A variety of fun traditional Filipino street games conducted in an Olympic-games format.  It's challenging and competitive, and best of all, it's fun and memorable.

Over 100 companies will tell you that Magna Kultura’s Larong Pinoy Corporate Mini-Olympic Events are one-of-kind activities that leave lasting impression on employees and bring out the best in a company. It creates a unique bonding among fellow-employees, instilling in each and everyone (young and old) the “mag-kababata” feeling of friendship.

Fellow-Employees Bond Like a Real Communi-Team.

The event is executed like a real Olympics event --- with professional officiating & tournament system with an Olympic sports music scoring ambience. Employees will be grouped into teams, with their own Team Captains. And competitions are conducted with timed-innings, scored matches in playing Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Jumping Rope, Sipang Bilangan, and various Pinoy Relay Races.  It’s fun! Even those who are not playing enjoy watching, cheering, jeering, and being part of every match.

Larong Pinoy is a true bonding experience among employees. Even before  the event day every individual find time (and have fun) discussing and practicing internally at the office.  It bridges the young and old employees, staff and clerks, as they consult everyone about the games.

Young and Old Employees Enjoy Playing The Games. 

Ito ang tunay na Laro nating mga Pinoy.  Unlike Basketball or any of the usual western sports activities, Larong Pinoy is a game where everybody will be able to easily participate in.  Even employees who don’t want play enjoy the event --- cheering, "jeering" and supporting the teams.  Iba ang Larong Pinoy. 


Magna Kultua will organize everything, hassle-free.  From planning to implementation.  Preparation of the program and the script, up to the secretariat management. 

Having a sports fest will be easy for the company’s organizing committee and the HRD staff. Magna Kultura will provide Tournament Systems & Procedures, Registration Forms, and Manual with Rules for each and every game; organized with Referees and Game Marshals. The Company Organizing Committee can sit back and relax and play with the rest of fellow-empl.  Magna Kultura will coordinate with the Team Captains in partnership with the HR Department.

Make your Sports Fest a great event experience! Call us, and together we’ll plan the event and discuss logistics details. 

Let Magna Kultura contribute to the corporate camaraderie of your employees through a Pinoy Games  activity.  We’ll  deliver a one-of-a-kind sportsfest event for your company.

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Organizing Larong Pinoy Sports Fest for Private companies is among the cultural entrepreneurship approaches of Magna Kultura to raise funds for the socio-civic 
programs of the foundation; at the same time, an advocacy to revive the 
Games of Our Heritage ("Laro ng Lahi") back in the mainstream 
of Philippine society, among children and adults.

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