Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Larong Pinoy Sports Clinics Captures Youth and Parents

Communities in Metro-Manila re-experience the fun of the Traditional Filipino Street Games during the Barangay outreach tour of the Larong Pinoy Sports Clinic conducted by Magna Kultura Foundation, the national advocate of the Filipino Heritage Games in the country.   
Parents and grandparents brought their children to the sports clinic to let their children learn the games the same games they all used to play when they were young.  

While many of the new generations are familiar with the most popular of  games, the Larong Sports Clinic added new knowledge and techniques for children to play the game with an amateur playing skill.   
Magna Kultura taught children the official rules of playing the games, as well as the proper ways of making the ground markers in the playing field.

Larong Pinoy Sports Clinic are being held in urban cities teaching kids popular Filipino street games like Patintero, Tumbang Preso, Piko, Luksong Tinik and many games that our parents and elders use to play.

The fun training sessions teaches participants detailed mechanics of each and every game, the proper posture and movements, with systematic techniques on how to play each game and win the match. 

The 1st Part is a 20-minute session teaching participants the game mechanics, with systematic drills for proper execution, posture and movement.

The 2nd Part is a 3 ½ half hours session where participants are grouped into teams and conducted with actual game play; and, this time, orienting participants in the tournament formats and officiating rules.  

It's fascinating to see the kids to execute each drill exercise, and giggling their way through each and every task.

The first Larong Pinoy Sports Clinics were launched by Magna Kultura Foundation in Y-2008 in Barangay Communities in Metro-Manila. The venues were jam-packed with kids who enlisted.  

The event did not need much hyping and announcement because when word went out around among the neighborhood about the Larong Pinoy Clinics, parents who knew the games signed-up they children in the sports activity. 

Larong Pinoy is the traditional Filipino street games handed down from generations; it is the games of our heritage (Laro ng Lahi). It is cherished by elderly adults (grandparents), parents, and it is played by today's youth.

Patuloy nating buhayin ang laro ng ating lahi sa panahon ng modernisasyon.  Ito ay yaman n gating lahi.  Ipamahagi natin ito sa bagong kabataan. 



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