Friday, August 22, 2014

Mini-Olympics Sportsfest Games For Filipino Companies

The Traditional Filipino Street Games is back in the mainstream of Philippine society, and has become a popular sports fest activities for local corporations.  

Magna Kultura Foundation, an arts and culture organization who has been conducting Larong Pinoy sports clinics and tournaments in schools and Barangay communities since Y-2003, started implementing team-building sports fests among Philippine corporation. 

The promotion of Larong Pinoy among companies as a Mini-Olymipcs Sports Fest is Magna Kultura's effort to make adults fellow-advocates in the revival of the Filipino games. By reviving their interest in the games, it is probable that they would teach it among their children.



Since Y-2008, over a thousand companies have conducted Larong Pinoy sports fests. Human Resource Department heads saw Larong Pinoy as an effective company team-bonding activity among employees. 

In Y-2009, private business corporations started requesting for Magna Kultura to organize the  Larong Pinoy event as a company sports fest activity. 

The Traditional Filipino Street Games has become an effective instrument for bridging employee relationships. The games are able to make employees from different departments easily get acquainted  with each other; and, like childhood playmates, the bonding experience goes beyond months, even years, after the event.

The thought of conducting a Larong Pinoy Sports Fest for the company thrills employees into doing things that they did in the childhood days, especially the elder adults. 

 From day one, after HRD announces Larong Pinoy as the sports fest activity, the office environment become high on enthusiasm; making employees talk about the games, their childhood experience, and even practicing within the office. It brings the corporate community alive.

And what's best is that the organizers, Magna Kultura Foundation, conducts it in such a way that even the HRD staff and sports committee can play on the event day without the hassle of running the company event.

In addition to the outreach advocacy programs in schools and Barangays, Magna Kultura Foundation continues to conduct sports fests for private companies as a third strategy, for reviving the Traditional Filipino Street Games back in the mainstream of society.

Magna Kultura believes that once adults get the feel of playing the games, soon they will also play it with their kids; thus, subtly making them fellow-advocates for promoting Larong Pinoy

ORGANIZE A FILIPINO SPORTS FEST FOR YOUR COMPANY. Contact Magna Kultura Foundation.  Inform Magna Kultura about your sports fest plan: the scheduled date of your event, and how many employees.

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Buhayin natin ang Larong Pinoy.  Let adults play the game again, and make the company come alive!

Organizing Larong Pinoy Sports Fest for Private companies is among the cultural entrepreneurship approaches of Magna Kultura to revive the games among Filipino adults who use to play the games; at the same time, an advocacy to revive the Games of Our Heritage ("Laro ng Lahi") back in the mainstream of Philippine society, among children and adults.

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