Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Pinoy Games As A Corporate PR Program

For many companies, it’s not enough to make money and satisfy customers. Service to local communities is also part of the company agenda, and they involve their employees in outreach programs. These companies often go the extra mile to give a little something back to their employees, the community, and the world at large. They’ve developed solid reputations for going out and doing some good, turning their success into an opportunity to help others.

For a long time, businesses have given back to society in different ways. The domain for such outreach was based more on concerns and thoughtfulness to help people.  For some companies, business isn’t all about the bottom line. They make strides to be a caring part of society and help out those who live in less fortunate circumstances. They’re companies that know how important Corporate Social Responsibility can be to others.

Chevron Philippines is one of the few examples of those doing Corporate Social Responsibility right. Every year, Chevron Philippines embarks in a program dubbed "Week of Caring, wherein employees of the company engage communities as volunteers. For the second time, the employee-volunteers of Chevron reached out once again the children of Nayon ng Kabataan (in Mandaluyong City), a youth welfare community operated by the Department of Social Welfare Development (DSWD).

During its Week of Caring program, Chevron employees went to Nayon ng Kabataan to play as “big brothers” to the children of Welfareville --- playing Larong Pinoy, the traditional Filipino Street Games.  As coach and playmates, they ran and vigorously played with the children: games like, patintero, luksong tinik, luksong baka, chinese garter, piko, and other Pinoy games.

The choice of Larong Pinoy as an activity aims to provide a light, fun interaction between the Chevron employees and the kids at Nayon ng Kabataan.  The organizers of the Chevron outreach program recognizes the power of Larong Pinoy as a strong vehicle for community engagement and interaction.  The traditional Filipino street games is a cultural treasure, well-loved by many Filipinos even today.  Many people are still unable to own high-tech game gadgets, computers, or smartphones with game applications; thus, Larong Pinoy is still a fun alternative among many of the children.

Having a social good culture makes your employees know they are working for something that is bigger than themselves; their business is not one dimensional and more importantly, it cares about people.  There are new breed of corporate individuals who believe that what you put into the world is exactly what you’re going to get out of it. People want to do things that matter; companies that encourage employees to participate in volunteerism and giving back are creating fulfilling environments to work in.

CSR to be meaningful has to reach out to the large majority of our people who are not only without purchasing power, but are fundamentally deprived of basic livelihood. There are companies stand out as prime examples of how social responsibility can be productively coupled with sound strategies to advance goodwill, while building sustainable and impressive businesses. They provide the leadership to demonstrate how marketers can pursue both objectives simultaneously. As such, socially conscious companies have stepped up their efforts with increasing effectiveness and productivity. It is an impressive movement and one that invites society at large to do even more.

Magna Kultura Foundation salutes Chevron Philippines for making Larong Pinoy their choice of activity for engaging communities.  The interaction between the employees of Chevron and children of Nayon ng Kabataan will last a lifetime of remembrance.

For organizations who would like to conduct a Larong Pinoy program in schools, barangays, or for private companies, contact Magna Kultura Foundation.   

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